DSI London's dance DVDs let you watch incredible Ballroom and Latin dancing competitions, technique, demonstrations and shows of the world's very best. DSI London features the most complete selection of Ballroom dance related DVDs in the world. Unrivalled footage of the world's most famous competitions including the British Open in the Blackpool British Dance Festival and the UK Open Championships in Bournemouth is available on DVD at DSI London. To watch our coverage online visit dsi-london.tv for instant access. The May Blackpool British Dance Festival and UK Open Championship dance DVDs feature events such as Professional Ballroom, Professional Latin, Amateur Ballroom and Amateur Latin. Other Ballroom and Latin dance competitions - British Rising Stars Ballroom and Latin, Senior Ballroom and Latin, Youth Ballroom and Latin, Junior Ballroom and Latin & Juvenile Ballroom and Latin are available to watch on www.dis-london.tv 24/7.

Our Technique & Lectures dance DVDs will help you, no matter what level you are or if you specialise in either Ballroom or Latin dancing. There will be valuable dance information for teachers and for beginners as the world's top dancers take you through principles of dance to improve elements such as your technique, performance, connectivity and musicality. In our "NEW" dance DVD category, you will discover the very latest media dance products that will encourage you to perform to your maximum. Dance DVDs like Blackpool British Dance Festival and UK Open Championship will help you keep track of the latest dance choreography and technique, performed by Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis, Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova and Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko. Of course, check out our "Super Sale" dance DVD section, in which you are offered a fantastic range of Ballroom & Latin dancing media, including: dance technique, show dances, lectures, Ballroom and Latin competitions.


DSI offers the widest variety and range of Ballroom Dance technique DVDs. The iconic Ballroom Technique of Guy Howard is now avaiable, so are all WDSF Ballroom Technique DVDs as it the Technique of Advance Standard Ballroom Figures by Geoffrey Hearn. Special instructional DVDs are also available by British Open Blackpool Champions Mirko Gozzoli & Alessia Betti and Arunas Bizukas & Katusha Devidova. But if you are a beginner and just wish to dance, we have the correct DVD for you as  well as to allow you to start your Dancing journey.
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Looking to improve your Latin American dancing from watching the very best and in clear detail? DSI London stocks all major Latin American dancing instructional DVDs available, from the Iconic Laird Technique of Latin Dancing,  the Technique of Advanced Latin American Figures by Geoffrey Hearn to the WDSF Latin American technique DVDs featuring each individual Dance. We have the right information for every level of dancing, so accompanying every aspiring dancer from beginner to Champion level.
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DSI London is privileged to have the exclusive filming rights of all major UK competitions since 2012 and in this sense we have all the footage from the British Open Championships in Blackpool, the UK Open Championships in Bournemouth and The International Championships in the iconci Royal Albert Hall. All these are avialble on DVD, while to access all these competitions head over and subscribe to DSI TV.
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American Smooth

A style becoming more an more popular for its expression and style is the American Smooth. Now showcased also during the offical Blackpool Dance Festival, American Smooth has finally received the recoginition deserved. So to enhance and improve this style, purchase some techncial American Smooth DVDs to improve your performance.
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Alternative Rhythms

DSI London's "Other" Category has some truly amazing ballroom dancing DVDs and also Latin dancing DVDs that offer different types of dance rhythms, including Jive, Classical Sequence, Tango, Argentine Tango, Salsa and many more ! Dance DVDs like "Argentine Tango Vol 1" featuring Vincent & Flavia, "Tango With Federico Vol 3", "The Classical Sequence Companion",
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