DSI London provides the most complete range of Ballroom dance related media products in our World of Dance. We stock and obtain latest CDs for Ballroom, Latin and sequence dancing.
We hold the most comprehensive range of Dance instructional DVDs and keep technique books of all major UK Dance associations and the WDSF in stock. Foremost we have DSI TV to record and live stream the main UK based competitions, which are the Open British Championships in Blackpool, the International Championships in the Royal Albert Hall and the Open UK Championships in Bournemouth.


DSI London's dance DVDs let you watch incredible Ballroom and Latin competitions, technique, demonstrations and shows. We have the most complete selection of Ballroom dance related DVDs in the world. Unrivalled footage of some of the world's most famous competitions including the Blackpool Dance Festivals and the UK Open Championships. Our DVDs feature events such as Professional Ballroom, Professional Latin, Amateur Ballroom and Amateur Latin. Other dance competitions including the British Rising Stars Ballroom and Latin, Senior Ballroom and Latin, Youth Ballroom and Latin, Junior Ballroom and Latin & Juvenile Ballroom and Latin are available to watch on 24/7. Our Technique & Lectures dance DVDs will help you, no matter what level you are or if you specialise in either Ballroom or Latin dancing. There is valuable dance information for teachers and for beginners as the world's top dancers take you through principles of dance to improve elements such as your technique, performance, connectivity and musicality. In our "NEW" dance DVD category, you will discover the very latest media dance products that will encourage you to perform to your maximum. Dance DVDs like Blackpool British Dance Festival and UK Open Championship will help you keep track of the latest dance choreography and technique, performed by Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis, Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova and Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko. Of course, check out our "Super Sale" dance DVD section, in which we offer a fantastic range of Ballroom & Latin dancing media, including: dance technique, show dances, lectures, Ballroom and Latin competitions.
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It's time to upgrade your dance music! DSI London's dance music CDs will inspire and enhance your Sequence, Ballroom and Latin dancing. Explore our amazing range of  music for dance with hundreds of CDs for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for Ballroom, Latin, Sequence Old Time or something with a bit of everything, we have the CD for you. Our new Ballroom, Latin and Sequence CD's are always up to date, strict tempo and ideal for practice or teaching. Look no further for the music of Blackpool, exciting strict tempo remixes of chart hits and dance favourites. A highlight and one of our most popular CDs is: Always & Forever - Ashley Frohlick & The Empress Orchestra". The album, Always & Forever is the first CD to be released by the Empress Orchestra. It’s a unique album filled with new and exciting Ballroom and Latin music to inspire the world’s finest. Exclusively distributed by DSI, with a wonderful foreword from Marcus and Karen Hilton MBE, Always & Forever captures the very best of Ballroom on one CD. DSI London offer the worlds top brands of dance music and have the latest CDs recorded and provided by the following companies: WRD, Casa Musica, Prandi Sound, NDMI, Dancelife, Aquis-records, Prandi Dance and many more!
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At DSI London you will find books for every Ballroom and Latin American dance. Improve your dance skills with the world's most famous and accredited technique books. Find more information on: technique, movement, anatomy & physiology, fitness and nutrition, along with great general dance tips. In the Dance Books section, you will discover amazing title's like: "A Technique Of Advanced Standard Ballroom Figures" by Geoffrey Hearn. This book not only enhances the existing dances and the standard technique, but also provides dance teachers with information to expand their knowledge in competitive areas. It contains ballroom technique of individual advanced figures in great detail, even explaining use of head weight. "Evolution of Body Rhythm & Dynamic Shaping"  again by Geoffrey Hearn, offers a very detailed description of how to create body rhythm in ballroom dancing, not only for the individual dancer, but also between the partnership. Creating dynamic shaping to give your dancing that competitive impact is suggested for many different dance actions. There is also a detailed technique of 20 competitive figures in each dance and for the basic figures in Viennese Waltz. "A Technique Of Advanced Latin American Figures" also by Geoffrey Hearn, the technique of advanced latin dance figures contains developments and definitions of individual Latin figures, with logical methods of dance technique, clear descriptions of body mechanics and requirements of the physical laws of movement and musicality. "Lorraine - The One & Only" by Lorraine Rohdin & Anna Lindgren. “this intriguing book ”, follows the life of the three time World Champion in Latin American dancing who has grown into a Ballroom and Latin dance icon. She is still inspiring dancers with her teaching, views and reflections on dancing and artistry. "Dance To Your Maximum' by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis. Over fifteen years of experience with the world’s finest Ballroom and Latin dancers plus extensive studies have enabled Maximiliaan Winkelhuis to give you all you need to know to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for competitive ballroom dancing. Equip yourself with every advantage to extract the maximum from your performance. "Dancing Without Stress" also by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis - 100 smart stress rescues for competition dancers, a new release that has swiftly become a must have for every dancer.  "Back to the Roots" from Barbara Nagode Ambroz explores the authenticity of the Cuban Rumba Search through our book selection to help you get on your way to the top in the world of dance!
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