At DSI London you will find books for every Ballroom and Latin American dance. Improve your dance skills with the world's most famous and accredited technique books. Find more information on: technique, movement, anatomy & physiology, fitness and nutrition, along with great general dance tips.

In the Dance Books section, you will discover amazing title's like: "A Technique Of Advanced Standard Ballroom Figures" by Geoffrey Hearn. This book not only enhances the existing dances and the standard technique, but also provides dance teachers with information to expand their knowledge in competitive areas. It contains ballroom technique of individual advanced figures in great detail, even explaining use of head weight.

"Evolution of Body Rhythm & Dynamic Shaping"  again by Geoffrey Hearn, offers a very detailed description of how to create body rhythm in ballroom dancing, not only for the individual dancer, but also between the partnership. Creating dynamic shaping to give your dancing that competitive impact is suggested for many different dance actions. There is also a detailed technique of 20 competitive figures in each dance and for the basic figures in Viennese Waltz.

"A Technique Of Advanced Latin American Figures" also by Geoffrey Hearn, the technique of advanced latin dance figures contains developments and definitions of individual Latin figures, with logical methods of dance technique, clear descriptions of body mechanics and requirements of the physical laws of movement and musicality.

"Lorraine - The One & Only" by Lorraine Rohdin & Anna Lindgren. “this intriguing book ”, follows the life of the three time World Champion in Latin American dancing who has grown into a Ballroom and Latin dance icon. She is still inspiring dancers with her teaching, views and reflections on dancing and artistry.

"Dance To Your Maximum' by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis. Over fifteen years of experience with the world’s finest Ballroom and Latin dancers plus extensive studies have enabled Maximiliaan Winkelhuis to give you all you need to know to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for competitive ballroom dancing. Equip yourself with every advantage to extract the maximum from your performance.

"Dancing Without Stress" also by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis - 100 smart stress rescues for competition dancers, a new release that has swiftly become a must have for every dancer. 

"Back to the Roots" from Barbara Nagode Ambroz explores the authenticity of the Cuban Rumba

Search through our book selection to help you get on your way to the top in the world of dance!

Ballroom Technique

DSI London stocks ballroom technique books from all the major English Dance societies like the IDTA, ISTD, NATD & the UKA and also from the WDSF. Many specialist in-depth ballroom technique books are also available, such as:  "A Technique of Advanced Standard Figures", this book not only enhances the existing technique books that are available, but also provides teachers with information to expand their knowledge in competitive areas. It contains the technique for individual advanced figures in great detail, even explaining use of head weight.   "Evolution of Body Rhythm & Dynamic Shaping".  A very detailed description of how to create body rhythm, not only for the individual dancer, but also between the partnership. Creating Dynamic shaping to give your dancing that competitive impact is suggested for many different dance actions. Plus, a detailed technique of 20 competitive figures in each dance and for the basic figures in Viennese Waltz.  Another one of our bestsellers    Dont forget we also have the ISTD and NATD  Ballroom technique books plus the 4 individual IDTA  theory books to study from.
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Latin Technique

DSI London have all the dance books that you will need for Latin American dance technique. Offering you a wide choice of technical dance tips, starting with "The Laird Technique Of Latin Dancing" which gives clear, precise and logical presentations of the principles and techniques of Latin dancing. The ‘Laird’ technique is used throughout the world for the training of medal test pupils, students, trainers, teachers and coaches and is also used as the foundation of the routines created for every grade of competition dancer from beginner to world champion. This book is used by the IDTA as the fundementals to their examination board. Whereas the Ballroom board have four seperate books covering the four principal ballroom dances. The ISTD have five separate Latin technique books, one dedicated to each of the five Latin dances. Their ballroom technique book is now the 10th edition formerly Alex Moore's Revised Technique   Also a great latin dance book is "A Technique Of Advanced Latin American Figures" by Geoffrey Hearn, this book contains developments and definitions of individual Latin figures, with great methods of technique, clear descriptions of body mechanics and requirements of the physical laws of movement and musicality. Pluis we have a full selection of the WDSF technique books, one for each dance 
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General Ballroom & Latin

Some essential books like "Dance to your Maximum", "the Irvine Legacy " and "Back to the Roots" are a treasure trove of information covering technical aspects, explaining the history, being of autobiographic nature and of historical interest. So to avoid you missing out on interesting literature, this category includes all Ballroom & Latin related literature in wider context.
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Our sport stands on the shoulders of previous Dancing greats. To learn about the lives of these Dance Icons, notably the "One and Only" Loraine, the legendary Bill & Bobbie Irvine and the unforgettable Oliver Wessel - Therhorn, provides not only compelling reading, but will be an inspiration for the passion, dedication and commitment required to reach the very top.
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Dancing in Historical context

We think that for a real dedicated dance enthusiast it is important to understand the roots and origin of the dance.  " The Irvine Legacy" from Oliver Wesel- Therhorn,"Back to the Roots" by Barbara Nagode Ambroz and the "Ballroom Icons" by Brigitt Mayer-Karakis are exactly the sorts of books to address the origins and history, in our opinion essential literature for everyone interested in Ballroom Dancing.
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Sequence & Old Time

DSI London offers all relevant technique books for sequence dancing and Old Time, such as notable dances as the Wedgewood Blue Gvavotte, The Saunter, The Royal Empress Tango and the Flyde Waltz.
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Alternative Rhythms

The Alternative Rhythms dance book section is great for topics like Argentine tango, Spanish dancing, salsa, samba, mambo and merengue choreography and techniques. The following dance books, will aid you in many ballroom and latin aspects and also in alternate rhythms: "Spanish Dancing - A Practical Handbook" by Lalagia - Spanish Dancing is a detailed practical introduction for beginners wishing to master both technique and execution. The student is taken from the use of the castanets and arm positions to basic steps such as Taconeo and Zapateado and on to performance of the complete dances Las Sevillanas and the Fandango, complimented by over 150 line drawings by Lyn Gray". "Gotta Tango" - Alberto Paz & Valorie Hart - Gotta Tango is your guide to authentic Argentine Tango. You will learn the fundamental concepts and techniques. Included with this book is a DVD that visually demonstrates the movements of this exhilarating and intimate social dance. "Step by Step Guide to Salsa, Mambo, Merengue" - Paul Harris - This technique book has been compiled in order that professional dance teachers can offer qualified tuition in the contemporary Latin-American social dances. It is the foundation for complete medal test programmes and can be used for professional examinations. "Party Dances" - Nancy Clarke - Easy-to-follow instructions for popular party dances including The St. Bernards waltz, The Virginia Reel, Conga and many more. "Fifty Latin Dance Exercises" - Youlie Mouzafiarova with David Pullinger - for warm-up, conditioning and improving technique. This book contains sets of exercises developed and refined over many years that will prove valuable for every dancer, teacher and coach. There is a description of each stage of an exercise along with illustrative photographs to make it easier to understand and achieve precise movement. A deep knowledge of the basic principles of poise and actions used in Latin dance helps bring out the unique features and characteristics of Rumba, Cha cha cha, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble. In addition there are sets of exercises covering five essential aspects common to several dances, including rotation, partner connection and the use of arms. Youlie Mouzafiarova is an internationally recognised teacher, coach and adjudicator, and is a Fellow and Examiner IDTA working in London, UK.
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Rule Books & Scrutineering

Ballroom dancing is a competitive art and there must be a winner. To ascertain the winner, learn the rules and regulations! These books are accredited by the relevant authorative organisations.
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Music & Musicality

Music is the base and such a vital ingredient for our art, so it is actually surprising that there is not as much literature available that you may think. Music was certainly the first love of Oliver Wesel-Therhorn and he dedicated his autobiography to his true inspiration.
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As with every other sport and art form, psychology and motivation becomes an increasing factor in sport science. There is now ballroom dance specific motivational literature available to improve your dancing, notably "Dance to your Maximum" by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis and "Dancing Without Stress".
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DSI London's Anatomy & Physiology dance book section will break down the fundamentals about your body, so that you will be more prepared for your ballroom and latin dance practice and competitions. Choose from the following bestsellers: "Dance Anatomy" - Jacqui Greene Haas - Dance Anatomy brings the relationship between muscle development and aesthetic movement to life with four-color illustrations. Step-by-step instructions convey proper form for 82 exercises arranged anatomically from the center outward, providing a view of how muscles contribute to improved technique, injury prevention, and artistic expression "Sport First Aid" - Melinda J Flegel - A clear and up-to-date explanation of first aid procedures for coaches to use in responding to athletes' injuries. The description of every injury includes a brief definition, causes, symptoms, signs, first aid protocols for the coach to follow, notes on when the athlete can return to play and tips on how to prevent the injury "Dance Technique & Injury Prevention" - Justin Howse - in this third edition, you will find a lot of useful dance tips that will prevent your body from getting any dance injuries and will improve the way you practice "Stretching Anatomy" - Arnold G Nelson & Jouko Kokkonen - see inside every stretch and maximize flexibility. "Stretching Anatomy" will arm you with the knowledge to increase a range of motion, supplement training, enhance recovery, and maximize efficiency of movement. You'll also gain a detailed understanding of how each stretch affects your body; "Strength Training Anatomy" - Frederic Delavier - combines the most effective exercises for all the major muscle groups with detailed, full colour illustrations of the muscles used during the exercises; "Dance Anatomy & Kinesiology" - Karen Clippinger - this is a course text for dance teachers and students, as well as a reference for dance professionals. It covers the basic anatomical and biomechanical principles that apply to optimal performance in dance. It is a highly visual text with outstanding anatomical illustrations and action photos.
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Fitness & Nutrition

DSI London's Fitness & Nutrition category will give you an insight into how your body should perform, what exercises you should be doing to prevent injury and how to properly look after yourself. Also, you will find out everything that a ballroom and latin dancer or other athlete should know about a healthy diet. At a ballroom and latin dance competition, energy levels are very important. This section of dance books, will help you with all the information you need to become a better ballroom and latin dancer. Our dance fitness books and nutrition books, will break down all the information about your body, so that you can achieve better results and become a better athlete and dancer. Some of our top selling books are: "Sculpting Her Body Perfect" - Brad Schoenfeld - This third edition of "Sculpting Her Body Perfect" not only provides the exercises you need to achieve your body-shaping goals, but it also demonstrates them in an easy-to-follow fashion on the accompanying 60-minute DVD. You will learn the secrets of how pacing, transition, varying technique, and effective execution can take your workout to another level; "Pilates" - Rael Isacowitz - Strengthen, lengthen, and sculpt your muscles with the full range of Pilates exercises. A contemporary approach to the work of Joseph Pilates, this is the one book you need in order to improve posture, muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility; "Fitness & Health" - Brian J Sharkey PhD - Provides a wealth of research-based advice and activities to improve health and fitness. Includes fitness tests that are easy to administer, specifies the appropriate amount of fat intake, describes measures to prevent low back pain, and much more; "Diet for Dancers" - Robin D.Chmelar & Sally S Fitt - A Complete Guide to Nutrition and Weight Control. You will benefit from using this book, whether you livelihood depends upon your body image or simply for your sense of well-being.
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