DSI London is proud of its best price guarantee on all Preciosa products. Please note that customers in an individualised price band are excluded from the offer.

DSI London is the authorised partner and distributor for Preciosa in our World of Dance. Bohemia, where Preciosa is located, is actually the home and cradle of all rhinestones development. Hence Preciosa is the leading producer and gloabl supplier of premium crstals and fine Jewellery stones.  All Preciosa stones, notable the new lead free MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12 excel for its brilliance and sparkle. Taking our responsibility as authorised Preciosa distributor seriously, we offer the full colour and size range of all flat back crystals. All colours of the VIVA 12 range are available in SS12, SS16, SS20 and SS30. Popular colours like Crystal AB, Crystal, Jet, Jet hematite, Sapphire and Rose are also available in SS34 and SS40. 

A welcome addition to the Preciosa flat back stones are Sew-on Jewellery stones, now available in various sizes in a square, triangle, pear, rectangle and oval shape. As we would not wish you to purchase any Preciosa products other than from the official agent, we extend a best price guarantee to you. So should you be able to obtain Preciosa stones from a cheaper source than ourselves, simply tell us and we best the best price you can get.

Viva Flat Back

Practically all rhinestones commonly used for dance and show dresses are flat back, as they are so easy to apply on any dance fabric, whether you are gluing, hotfixing or sewing them on. As the authorised and recommended agent for Preciosa in our world of dance, we are committed to carrying the full colour range of non hotfix flat back crystals and in all the popular sizes, SS12, SS16, SS20, SS30. Some of the most popular colours, notably Crystal AB, Crystal, Light siam, Jet and Jet Hematite are also available in SS34 and SS40. The lead free MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12 is an exclusive Preciosa product. It is known for its brilliance, sparkle and lustre and is characterised by an intense AB effect and high durability of bonded surfaces. Features of the new MC Charon Rose VIVA 12 include: • exceptional brilliance, fire and sparkle • AB effects reflect the latest trends • lead free • available in a full colour spectrum While a full range of non hotfix rhinestones are available from stock, we only carry Crystal AB and Crystal in SS16 and SS20 in the hotfix rhinestone range. However any Preciosa colour and size hotfix crystal can be obtained usually within a week from order.
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Sew-on Stones

As the authorised and recommended distributor for Preciosa in rh Ballroom Dance world, we are committed to offer the full range of flat back sew on Jewellery stones. All sizes of the triangle, square, pear, eye and oval shapes are available in Crystal AB, Crystal and Jet from stock. This vast assortment of Sew-on Stones constitutes another special catagory in the Preciosa collection. Sewing is an ideal and recommended technique for attaching larger stones. preciosa Sew-on Jewellery crystals can be attached to all sorts of materials by using nylon or polyester threads guaranteeing an unsurpassed holding force.
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Pearl flat backs

Within the Preciosa crystal range, flat back pearls provide a real decorative alternative to the normal crystal rhinestone use.  Adding pearls make the design pop up and adds a three dimensional look to any dance and performance garment. While we keep only 4mm and 6mm white flat back pearls in regular stock, any flat back pearl of the Preciosa collection can obtained usually within one week from order.
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Maxima - To Order

As the official authorised distributor for Preciosa in the danceworld, we can obtain any Maxima quality stones available in the Czech headquarters within a week from order. For your special Maxima requirement , in case the colour of interest is not on the list provided, please phone the office under 020 8664 8188 or email
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Hotfix - To order.

Available on special request . As official Distributor in the danceworld we can obtain hotfix flat back rhinestones on demand usually within one week from order.  For your special Hotfix component requiremnt please phone the office under 020 8664 8188 or e mail
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Authorized Partner in the United Kingdom

We are delighted to be the Preciosa Authorized Partner in the territory of the United Kingdom
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