Stand out from the competition with a distinctive print!

At DSI London offer a wide selection of abstract, floral and animal prints on a variety of dance fabrics. For added choice and to test your creativity, we often offer the same print on various fabric bases. For example our popular Panther print is available on lycra, mesh, smooth velvet, DSI dance crepe, georgette and stretch satin, all ideal for Ballroom and Latin dancers! 

For a flawless look even when spinning, we have introduced double printed lycra where both sides of the material are printed with the stunning pattern. This means no matter what side of the skirt is showing, the print looks perfect!  

While we keep a fantastic collection of printed dance fabrics in stock, we have a digital print ability to have any print of your choice produced on the dance fabric of your choice, subject to a minimum quantity and a short lead up time. Please contact us by email an or telephone us on 020 664 8188 for more details.

Animal Prints

Put on an animalistic dance performance with our dazzling and provocative animal prints! Choose from our fantastic collection of animal inspired printed dance fabrics. No animal is safe! We offer Panther, Persian leopards, Tiger, Zebra, Cheetah and associated Savannah and Hunter prints. Caring for Ballroom & Latin dancing, freestyle, gymnastic, ice skating and stage we produce these prints on a variety of dance base fabrics, notably lycra, smooth velvet, DSI dance crepe, DSI stretch, georgette, pearl chiffon also referred to as satin chiffon and stretch satin.  Some prints are applied on both sides of the lycra for a double printed lycra to allow a consistent print look even when the underskirt of the Larin dress shows in movement. Infected with our passion for shadings, we offer 1342 striped tiger mesh in purple-lilac and purple-turquoise.
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Floral Prints

Demonstrate feminine elegance and romance in floral prints. Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of contemporary, striking and understated flower prints. Our floral prints are available on a variety of different fabrics, ideally suited for dance. Choose a stretchy lycra, DSI crepe or smooth velvet base for you Latin, Freestyle and gymnastic performance, while opt for georgette, pearl chiffon or stretch satin for your Ballroom costume.  Apply the flower print of your choice on the fabric required for your dance performance. The dramatic black-white-flamenco Gypsy Rose print was designed with Your Flamenco and Tango Argentine performance in mind. Floral leopard print is a cross of floral and animal inspiration and available on lyrca, pearl chiffon and smooth velvet. Black lace impression on tan resembles a stretch lace look at a considerable more affordable price and is available on lycra and crepe.  
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Abstract Prints

Be bold on the dance floor with abstract and geometrical prints. Our black- white polka dot and stripes prints are available on lycra at a width of 140cm and are equally suitable for Latin and Ballroom dresses. Our dazzling vibrance print is available as 1245 on lyrca or as 1345 on stretch net in black-white, ice and fire. Enquire for more abstract printed fabrics or any special print request at or contact us on 020 8664 8188.
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Shaded Prints

Feel fabulous in horizontal shadings of DSI dance fabrics. The most common shading is the horizontal shade, often referred to as Ombre, featuring a smooth colour graduation across the width of the fabric. Driven by our fascination for a perfect colour match, we select two colours of our DSI colour range, which we believe will create a visually stunning colour combination. The most dramatic colour combinations are achieved by combining contrasting and polarising colours, most evident in our black horizontal shades. But often we opt for a romantic look, often achieved in combining colours with white or two pastel shades. In total we offer in excess of 40 colour shadings to lighten up the dance floor. The most common used base fabric is georgette, hence we offer more than 30 colour combinations of shaded georgette. A huge variety of shaded pearl chiffon, also known as satin chiffon shadings and shaded stretch satin ideally suited for the skirts and floats of Ballroom dresses are also available from stock. Never discriminating against the Latin dancer, we offer shadings also in smooth velvet, crepe and DSI stretch. Complete the perfect shading look with elasticated shaded fringes! Shaded smooth velvet, crepe and DSI stretch will ensure a secure, yet comfortable dance performance.
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