DSI London offers the most comprehensive range of fabrics in the world of dance. All our exquisite fabrics and dress trimmings have been commission-dyed so that you can be sure each fabric will colour match perfectly for a completely coordinated look that cannot be beaten. Each fabric has been specifically selected and developed to be ideally suited to all dancing requirements for brilliant colour, quality and performance. 

We provide essential non stretch dance fabrics such as georgette, luxury georgette, pearl chiffonstretch satintwinkle nylon and a pleating service. DSI London also provide stretch base fabrics such as lycra, the original and authentic dance crepemeshsmooth velvetcrushed velvet and stretch net. Get inspired by our captivating variety of animal, abstract and divine floral printed stretch fabrics. Indulge yourself in our new burnt out velvet range featuring the utterly sensual Vogue and Temptation.
For the lace lovers we offer a huge variety of bi-elastic stretch laces including the iconic Spanish Rose and the superbl high quality Austrian Guipure laces to provide dimension and luxury to your design. 

We complete our dance fabric range with a huge range of dance accessories and trimmings including tactel dance fringes available in multiple lengths. Also feathers, bead droppers, soft boning, crinoline and haberdashery. This complete spectrum of dance fabrics and colour matched dance trimmings will serve as an endless pool of inspiration for your creativity.

We produce only the most brilliant and brightest possible colours which  is the key to success for any dance fabric. We are passionate about colour and seek to create the best possible colour match for every fabric and dress accessory across our range. This drives us to offer a vast colour spectrum and full colour range for our most essential and most popular fabrics and use cutting edge technology to bring you fluorescent shaded fabrics for dance. We are the only dance company to follow through this principle consistently offering not only the most essential base dance fabrics, but also our iconic Sabrina, Guipure and Nadine lace ribbon, all dance fringes, all soft boning and satin binding in all DSI matching colours. We truly pay attention to every detail!


DSI London provides the most complete colour coordinated range of basic and essential dance fabrics. All our base dance fabrics are specifically dyed to match our DSI colour range. This category includes all non stretch base dance fabrics commonly used to produce a Ballroom or Latin dress including top layer and underskirt fabrics. The most commonly used fabrics for Ballroom top skirts and floats is  georgette , as this fluid 100% polyester fabric embodies the elegant moves of the Standard dances. Georgette simply floats and drapes magnificently showing off movement most elegantly. For intense fluorescent colour try our luxury georgette.   Pearl chiffon , also known as satin chiffon, has a glossy texture that oozes luxury and is very popular for the top layers of a standard skirt. This is down to the smooth movement on the floor and its lustrous silky finish.  Stretch Satin  is predominately one way stretch and so we have included it with our non stretch essential base fabrics. The one stretch feature is actually vital to avoid any dropping and bounce in the Ballroom skirt. Stretch Satin lends itself mostly to Ballroom and Latin dresses but is also commonly used for men's shirts, notably our famous Stretch Satin shirt. Georgette, pearl chiffon and stretch satin are suitable for sunray pleating.  Please phone our sales team for your pleating requirement. All these three essential dance fabrics, georgette, pearl chiffon and Stretch satin provide the ideal base for visually stunning shading combinations. For our  shaded fabric   we combine two of our DSI colours to create the beautiful transition that makes such an impact on the dance floor. There are many combinations for you to choose from. Exclusive to DSI London are radius colour shades to allow a gradual colour shade in a half circle. Twinkle nylon , also referred to as organza, is the perfect underskirt base fabric as to create volume without stiffness. Our Twinkle offers amazing colour brightness and is now even used for the top layer of Ballroom skirts. Similar to twinkle,  stiff net  is regularly used for the Ballroom underskirts and is also suitable for the top layer of the skirt. We have an amazing spectrum of colours and never forget, that our tulle can be used for ballet tutus.  Soft net , which we lovingly call dream weave, adds a feminine and romantic touch to any dance costume. Primarily used as top layer of skirts to soften the look, we offer a comprehensive colour coordinated range.  Princess satin chiffon  is a luxury alternative to georgette and pearl chiffon, we particularly love the metallic shades as they look like molten gold and silver.  Bejewelled chiffon  available in black, flamenco, purple and rose pink will sparkle up any dance dress.
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Shop here for the best selection of stretch dance fabrics. At DSI London you will find a wide selection of high quality four way stretch fabrics for dance along with the basic essential non stretch fabrics. The four way full stretch is absolutely crucial for any dance and stage performance garment to ensure freedom of movement, while giving a secure fit. Only the comfort of a fully stretchable and elastic leotard will make you feel fabulous. All DSI dance fabrics have a lycra or elastine content to ensure this desired stretch and flexibility.  Our DSI  Lycra  is sourced from Italy and sets the benchmark for lycra, a standard in the dance industry.The superb quality of our authentic DSI dance  crepe  remains unmatched, no copy comes close to the original feel and drapability. Available in over 30 DSI matching colours, our DSI practice wear and premium made to order garments are made of this original unrivalled crepe. The DSI London  mesh , also known as stretch net or elastic tulle, is high quality and ideally suited for leotards and sleeves. We are fully committed to providing an exact colour match between our dance fabrics. We have commission dyed our  smooth velvet  to match every DSI colour perfectly, it is unparalleled for its colour intensity and vibrancy.  Burnt out velvet  is the latest trend in the dance world and our new designs  Vogue  and  Temptation  create a real stir on the dance floor. The see through look and intense colour combination makes burnt out velvet very striking whilst having a very sensual feel. Our dance fabrics like  crushed velvet ,  matrix ,  Danceflow ,  Venus   and  prints  feature a perfect bi elastic flexibility.
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Choose from the largest selection of stretch laces created for the Ballroom dance market. All our stretch laces have superb stretch and are commission dyed to match our DSI colours. We offer floral, abstract and geometric designs. Our bestsellers are the ever popular Spanish Rose, Desire and Dakota stretch lace.   Stretch lace is an essential dance fabric, it can provide instant detail and interest to a design whilst perfectly conforming to the curves of the body thanks to its four way stretch. It is ideal as a single layer for sleeves, sections of detail or layered over another dance fabric making exciting colour combinations.   The Queen of our stretch lace fabric collection is Spanish Rose. This iconic stretch lace began the range at DSI London and continues to be a best seller. The effortlessly feminine pattern, classic design, four way stretch and fabulous range of DSI colours to choose from continues to inspire us. There are now many different stretch lace patterns for you to choose from. Our selection includes a range of designs from floral to abstract to bold, to suit your unique style. Other popular laces include Lily, a stunning floral lace, and Lola with its striking abstract swirl pattern. Each lace in the DSI London range is specifically designed to be an ideal dance fabric for Ballroom and Latin garments. The multi-way stretch is impeccable and the quality exceptional!   Check out our Spanish rose metallic laces. These glamorous shimmering Spanish Rose variations come in luxurious Silver, Gold and classically elegant Black and majestic Hematite. 
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Our lace adds another dimensional touch to any Dance Dress. DSI London sources all their laces from the origin of guipure lace development, central Europe. All our wide laces , lace ribbons and lace pairs are of highest quality and made in Austria. The floral and abstract pattern of the laces are designed for an easy cut-out, optimum usage and versatile application. The wide lace still represents best value for money as every centimetre of these 60cm wide laces can be utilised. Our lace ribbon can be used to create striking designs, especially when cut into smaller pieces and then applied. This versatility of application has fast tracked our ribbon laces to best sellers. On most popular designs are the beautiful Lolita , Nadine and our iconic Sabrina lace ribbon , between them they cover every DSI London colour.  Lace pairs are ideally suited for symmetrical application to give a classic balanced look. We offer a wide variety of floral lace pairs like Maria , Sophia and Laura and abstract lace pairs like Sonia , Serena and Lisa . The design patterns of some of our most popular stretch laces are replicated in guipure lace to provide more options: Lola stretch lace is identical in design as the Lolita guipure lace , Rose lace ribbon follows the design of our iconic Spanish Rose . Our Lily stetch lace inspired the Lilia lace ribbon .
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Create a vision of elegance and harmony with DSI shaded fabrics. DSI London are true specialists in shading and offer not only shaded dance fabrics but even matching shaded dance trimmings. Our shaded fabric options take a combination of two of our divine DSI colours and blend them together in a gradient for an exciting and inspiring shaded look. The best known and most popular shading is the horizontal option, featuring a smooth colour graduation along the width of the base dance fabric. We offer more than 40 shading options as shaded georgette, shaded pearl chiffon, as known as shades on satin chiffon and shaded stretch satin. These shaded combinations are available to you across a variety of essential dance fabrics and coordinating dance trimmings. For example white black shading is available on georgette, pearl chiffon, stretch satin, smooth velvet, crepe, as half circles, as fringes and even as feathers! For additional choice shadings are also available as pastel shaded crepe, unrivalled colour vibrant shaded smooth velvet and sophisticated shaded DSI stretch. Exclusive to DSI is the circular or radius shading to ensure a smooth central colour graduation for half circles and pleated half circles. This type of shading is available on georgette, pearl chiffon and stretch satin. Wave shading is unique to DSI and adds another dimension to shaded fabrics. Featuring a wave resembling colour graduation along the full width of the fabric, our La Luxure shimmers opulently in a rainbow of hues. Using the latest cutting edge technology we are now able to perfect shading with fluorescent colours for our fabric and tactel fringes. Our exclusive shaded fringes are produced elasticated in 30cm width. Shaded coque feathers are available from stock to add drama to your design.  While we offer more than 40 shaded dance fabric options from stock, we have the connection and technology to produce a colour shading of your choice at low minimums. Please contact us on info@dsi-London.com or on 020 8664 8188 for more information.  
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Stand out from the competition with a distinctive print! At DSI London we offer a wide selection of abstract, floral and animal prints on a variety of dance fabrics. For added choice and to test your creativity, we often offer the same print on various fabric bases. For example our popular  Panther print   is available on lycra, mesh, smooth velvet, DSI dance crepe, georgette and stretch satin, all ideal for Ballroom and Latin dancers!  For a flawless look even when spinning, we have introduced double printed lycra where both sides of the material are printed with the stunning pattern. This means no matter what side of the skirt is showing, the print looks perfect!   While we keep a fantastic selection of printed dance fabrics in stock, we have a digital print ability to have any print of your choice produced on the dance fabric of your choice, subject to a minimum quantity and a short lead up time. Please contact us by email an info@dsi-london.com or telephone us on 020 664 8188 for more details.
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As the leading supplier for all dance fabrics, we offer an extensive range of  flock , sequin  and  metallic  fabrics. All our flocks, sequin and metallic foiled patterns are applied on four way stretch fabrics, in particular our high quality DSI mesh. The contrast of applied flocks, sequins and metallic foils against the sheer see-through stretch net, creates an appealing look on every dance floor. Our  1580 Allure flock mesh  and  1579 Allure Navy flock mesh  fully justifies its daring name,  1581 Fleur  epitomises romance,  1582 grid  is equally suited for the male and female dancer, Try  1585 Zambesi  for a statement look. Want to produce a sparkling dance performance without applying crystals? Sequined mesh is your answer. Choose from a huge variety of patterns  available including  1430 Orion ,  1431 Sirius ,  1433 Alpha ,  1444 Polka dot ,  1443 Omega  and  1445 Pegasus  sequined mesh. Our metallic foiled fabrics really make a statement on the dance floor. All our metallic fabrics feature a mettalic surface on a full two way stretch base. Check out  1200 Disco foiled lycra ,  1201 metallic dot lycra   and  1201 metallic foiled lycra . If you love metallics  1334 Metallic mesh ,  1390 Shimmer stretch ,  1410 New York Venus ,  1414 Comet folied lycra ,  1415 Cobra on smooth velvet  and  1425 Python   are also absolutely fantastic choices for your Ballroom or Latin dress and show costumes. 
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DSI London offers the most comprehensive range of fabrics in our world of dance. Our exquisite fabrics and dress trimmings have been commission dyed so that you can be sure each fabric will colour match perfectly for a completely coordinated look that cannot be beaten. Each fabric has been specifically selected and developed to be ideally suited to our dancing requirements for brilliant colour, quality and performance.  We complete our dance range with a vast selection of dance accessories and trimmings including tactel dance fringes available in multiple lengths, feathers, both boa and fringe, bead droppers, soft boning, crinoline and haberdashery. This complete spectrum of dance fabrics and colour matched trimmings will serve as an endless pool of inspiration for your creativity. We produce only the most brilliant and brightest possible colours which is the key to success for dance fabrics. We are passionate about colour and seek to create the best possible colour match for every fabric and dress accessory across our range.
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Modern, chic and always elegant, pleated fabrics are incredibly popular at the moment. DSI London’s bespoke pleating service always requires a fortnight’s turnaround time, which can be reduced to one week by express postage (with a £14 + VAT surcharge). Pick your own fabric, colour and length and get started on your dream dress but, please note, pleated fabrics are crafted for the individual customer and therefore non-returnable.
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Ensuring our position as top manufacturer for Ballroom and Latin menswear, we carry a constant stock of purpose produced trouser fabrics. The secret of our dance trouser fabric is the increased Elastine (Lycra) content to ensure freedom of movement without compromising comfort and durability. We produce stretch gabardine of highest quality for all our dance trousers. All our collection Ballroom trousers are made of  1191 Barcelona stretch gabardine . It is a fabric so adaptable to the silhouette that we also utilise this magic dance fabric for tail suits and lounge suits. For our Latin trousers we use the slightly sturdier  1190 Madrid stretch gabardine . The  1188 Malaga  stretch gabardine comes in various colours and features a slightly shiny look. For dance traditionalists we stock 100% wool plain and striped Black and Navy fabric.
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This section includes all the most common fabrics used for boys and mens shirts. While in principle most stretch fabrics lends themselves also for shirts, we have bundled together the most tradiitional shirts fabrics like stripes.
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Explore the exciting possibilities of one-off, unique, dance fabric. Whether it is texture, shine or embroidery that inspires you, our limited collection of versatile statement fabrics is sure to take your design to the next level. Our collection has been carefully curated to include beautiful fabric perfect for Ballroom and Latin dresses or show costumes. While nearly all our dance fabrics are specifically developed with dance in mind and dyed to match our DSI colour range, we still find occasional fabrics on the market suitable for our Ballroom dance World. We then purchase a limited amount to make this dance suited fabrics available to you as long as our stock then lasts.
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Touching is believing! Our new sample cards bring fabrics to life!  Fabric choice is as much about its fall and feel as colour and style, and so we have produced new sample cards to help mastermind your dream design. Professionally styled and compiled, each fabric card presents a selection of fabrics in a specific colour or style palette. Presented on robust card it’s ready to slot into your personal binder. Build up your collection of swatches to create an invaluable dress design resource. We provide professional samples for lycra, crepe, mesh, georgette, pearl chiffon, twinkle, Spanish rose, all other stretch laces and all other most popular dance fabrics. File your fabric samples in our beautiful yet sturdy ring-binder presented free subject to annual spend. Alternatively buy from us direct and store in style! More available throughout the year, please check our website. Individual fabric samples are available upon request. Please contact us via info@dsi-london.com or telephone 020 8664 8188 . 
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