A DSI dress steals the spotlight at this year's Vienna Opera Ball

27th February 2024

The "close collaboration": This year's Opera Ball gown sets new standards in the world of evening wear. In a unique collaboration between the renowned Austrian costume designer Stephanie Hofer, the esteemed English fashion house DSI London, and the creative vision of Silvia Schneider, an impressive masterpiece of couture art was created. This extraordinary dress has caught tremendous attention at this year's Opera Ball.
The centrepiece of this opulent design is a bodysuit completely adorned with golden Aurum Preciosa crystals, extending from the soles to the fingertips. Above this radiant foundation
 sits a couture creation in deep black, accentuating the waist and emphasizing the wearer's elegance. With over 150 hours of meticulous handiwork, every element of this dress was carefully crafted by a high-calibre team.
Silvia Schneider, the creative force behind this unique ensemble, shares her thoughts on this masterpiece: "It's not easy to slip into this creation; the suit fits like a second skin,
 revealing some but also concealing everything. The black dress caresses the figure while simultaneously accentuating it. It's the perfect blend of dedication and restraint, and I'm incredibly excited to ascend the grand staircase in it."
The convergence of Stephanie Hofer's talent, DSI London's expertise, and Silvia Schneider's design idea embodies true teamwork at its finest. Every single crystal, every millimetre
 of the perfect gown was carefully selected to create a unique work of art.
The premiere of this exclusive masterpiece was undoubtedly a highlight of this year's Ball of Balls.

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