DSI London provides the most complete colour coordinated range of basic and essential dance fabrics. All our base dance fabrics are specifically dyed to match our DSI colour range. This category includes all non stretch base dance fabrics commonly used to produce a Ballroom or Latin dress including top layer and underskirt fabrics.

The most commonly used fabrics for Ballroom top skirts and floats is georgette, as this fluid 100% polyester fabric embodies the elegant moves of the Standard dances. Georgette simply floats and drapes magnificently showing off movement most elegantly. For intense fluorescent colour try our luxury georgette.  Pearl chiffon, also known as satin chiffon, has a glossy texture that oozes luxury and is very popular for the top layers of a standard skirt. This is down to the smooth movement on the floor and its lustrous silky finish. Stretch Satin is predominately one way stretch and so we have included it with our non stretch essential base fabrics. The one stretch feature is actually vital to avoid any dropping and bounce in the Ballroom skirt. Stretch Satin lends itself mostly to Ballroom and Latin dresses but is also commonly used for men's shirts, notably our famous Stretch Satin shirt. Georgette, pearl chiffon and stretch satin are suitable for sunray pleating.  Please phone our sales team for your pleating requirement.

All these three essential dance fabrics, georgette, pearl chiffon and Stretch satin provide the ideal base for visually stunning shading combinations. For our shaded fabric we combine two of our DSI colours to create the beautiful transition that makes such an impact on the dance floor. There are many combinations for you to choose from. Exclusive to DSI London are radius colour shades to allow a gradual colour shade in a half circle.

Twinkle nylon, also referred to as organza, is the perfect underskirt base fabric as to create volume without stiffness. Our Twinkle offers amazing colour brightness and is now even used for the top layer of Ballroom skirts. Similar to twinkle, stiff net is regularly used for the Ballroom underskirts and is also suitable for the top layer of the skirt. We have an amazing spectrum of colours and never forget, that our tulle can be used for ballet tutus. Soft net, which we lovingly call dream weave, adds a feminine and romantic touch to any dance costume. Primarily used as top layer of skirts to soften the look, we offer a comprehensive colour coordinated range. Princess satin chiffon is a luxury alternative to georgette and pearl chiffon, we particularly love the metallic shades as they look like molten gold and silver. Bejewelled chiffon available in black, flamenco, purple and rose pink will sparkle up any dance dress.


Twinkle nylon is the top quality organza and the most commonly used dance fabric for the underskirts of Ballroom dresses. Our DSI twinkle is very popular as it a remarkable colour brightness. Every colour is specifically dyed to ensure a perfect colour match with all our DSI colours.   Perfectly blending the requirement of the current trend of a fuller Ballroom skirt with flexibility of movement, our twinkle nylon is a trend setter in our Ballroom industry. Though commonly used for Ballroom underskirts and on occasions as top layer, twinke nylon is also suited to create an accessorising fashion statement like a hair piece or other dance costume enhancing details.   Sample cards are available for Twinkle so that you can experience the feel and vibrant colour selection available. 
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Georgette epitomises the Ballroom look and is an ideal choice for Ballroom skirts and floats. It's soft and lightweight nature highlights and perfectly embraces the swing and flowing movements that characterise Ballroom dancing.   This versatile dance fabric is extremely suitable for pleating thus creating a wide range of looks. Pleated georgette half circles are very popular for the most classic of fashionable Ballroom skirts!   Luxury georgette, or more technically known as "Cationic Georgette" is slightly heavier and therefore superior in quality to regular georgette allowing for a brighter and more intense colour. 
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Pearl Chiffon

Pearl Chiffon is quickly becoming an essential Ballroom dance fabric.  The glossy, lightweight texture oozes luxury and is very popular for use in Ballroom skirts. This is down to its smooth and sinuous movement on the floor as well as its lustrous, silky finish. For these reasons it is ideal for floats, to emulate the fluidity of the skirt and the sheen is wonderfully eye catching! This fabric can be produced in sunray pleating and is available in most DSI colours.
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Stretch Satin

Stretch Satin is a visually striking and extremely versatile dance fabric. It's unique stretch capability ensures a perfect and comfortable fit, while not compromising on its sheen and glamorous look.   Available in over 30 perfectly matching DSI colours,our stretch satin is ideally and commonly used as a top layer for Ballroom skirts, but can also be used for underskirts, floats, accessorising details.  It is also suited for pleating, creating stunning satin pleaded half circles. Stretch satin is also perfect for menswear. Much of our couture menswear and mens collection wear shirts are based on stretch satin.
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Nets - Tulle

Stiff net, also referred to as tulle, had been the mainstay of Ballroom Dance fashion for decades: who can forget the iconic Bobbie Irvine waltzing herself to a record 11 world titles in her famous tulle Ballroom dresses? Our stiff net remains an essential fabric for both the underskirts and top layers for Ballroom dresses. We have commission dyed every available shade of our stiff net so that it matches our DSI colour range perfectly. There are over 40 stunning shades for you to choose from.    Soft net is the definitive fashion statement of the year. Where to start with our dreamy soft net? Only your imagination an limit the versatility of this tantalizing soft tulle, which can be used both on its own or to complement a stiffer fabric. We have created an evocative pastel palette as well as more intense colours to support your style and vision. Available from DSI London from stock in 26 colours.
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