DSI London offers the most comprehensive range of dance fabrics in our world of dance. All our exquisite fabrics and dress trimmings have been commission dyed so that you can be sure each fabric will colour match perfectly for a completely coordinated look that cannot be beaten. Each fabric has been specifically selected and developed to be ideally suited to our dancing requirements for brilliant colour, quality and performance. 

We provide essential non stretch dance fabrics such as georgette, luxury georgette, pearl chiffon, stretch satin, twinkle nylon and a pleating service. DSI London also care for all stretch base fabrics such as lycra, the original and authentic dance crepe, mesh, smooth velvet, crushed velvet and stretch net. Get inspired by our captivating variety of animal, abstract and divine florals printed stretch fabrics. Indulge yourself in our new burnt out velvet range featuring the utterly sensual Vogue and Temptation.For the lace lovers we offer a huge variety of bi elastic stretch laces including the iconic Spanish Rose and the superbly designed high quality Austrian Guipure laces to provide dimension and luxury to your design. 

We complete our dance fabric range with a huge range of dance accessories and trimmings including tactel dance fringes available in multiple lengths, feathers, bead droppers, soft boning, crinoline and haberdashery. This complete spectrum of dance fabrics and colour matched dance trimmings will serve as an endless pool of inspiration to your creativity.

We produce only the most brilliant and brightest possible colours, it is the key to success for any dance fabric. We are passionate about colour and seek to create the best possible colour match for every fabric and dress accessory across our range. This drives us to offer a vast colour spectrum and full colour range for our most essential and most popular fabrics, and use cutting edge technology to bring you fluorescent shaded fabrics for dance. We are the only dance company to follow through this principle consistently offering not only the most essential base dance fabrics, but also our iconic Sabrina Guipure and Nadine lace ribbon, all dance fringes, all soft boning and satin binding in all DSI matching colours. We truly pay attention to every detail!


No other dance fashion accessory embodies the glamour and opulence of Ballroom Dancing as feathers. Think Hollywood, Charleston, the 20s Rio, Venice, think of the time when Ballroom Dance started: the most luxurious of all being the ostrich feather boa. Our luxury 5ply feather boas consist of 5 layers of fringe feathers twisted around a Marabo covered string core. Dyed to match any DSI colour in 4 metres units, our most popular colours like Black and White are avaialble from stock at a minimum purchase unit of 1 metre. For a complete feathered Ballroom skirt we offer 2ply ostrich feather fringes, which can be individually attached to visually stunning effect. Identical to the luxury ostrich boas, these are dyed to match our DSI colours, the most popular dance colours being avaialble from stock. To set a fashion statement for any performance and dance costume we offer feelers, also known antennas as at a unit of 10cm. To complement our stunning range of shaded fabrics we offer identically shaded coque feathers, another variation of our dance trimmings on offer For any other feather requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our feather boa supplier, serving the entertainment industry for shows, revues, carnivals and dance performances for generations, will surely fulfil any requirement.
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Tactel Fringes

Choose from a huge variety of different lengths dance fringes. 15cm and 30cm fringes are available elasticated or rigid to colour match all DSI colours. We also offer our innovative and DSI exclusive shaded fringes in 30 cm length. All our fringes are made in the UK and are tactel to ensure they do not fray and retain its shape for a three dimensional look. We offer world exclusive flat fringes, which allows the fringes to be decorated with rhinestones. for the flourescent nature of some colours, we recommend costumes with fringes to sponge clean only with water.
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Beads & Sequins

Bead Droppers and elasticated bead fringes remain on the forefront of Dance Fashion. These are ideally suited to compliment the movement of the Dance Dresses. Previously mainly used for Latin dresses, the use of bugle bead droppers is now common also for Ballroom dresses to create a striking detail. DSI London provides all these dress accessories by offering a wide range of bugle, cut and twister bead droppers in more than 30 colours. Sold in bunches of 50 strings we use only the highest quality Japanese originating beads. We also offer bead droppers with a round sequins in the most popular colours like gold, silver, jet AB and light siam. We complement all beading options with our elasticated bead fringe. As an alternative to our popular dance fringes we offer sequins fringes in 30cm and 45cm length
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Bra Cups

In our aim to offer every component and dress accessory to complete your Ballroom or Latin costume, we offer traditional 200 bra cups, 2005 bra fillers and 2040 DSI push up bra cups. All our DSI bra cups are available in black, flesh and white in sizes petit, small, medium, large and X large.
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Soft Boning

Soft boning, also referred to as crinoline is currenty one of the most trendy dance trimming accessory. Mostly used for edging the hemline of the ballroom skirts, soft boning can also be used as accessoring detail on any dance costume. A few of our collection Ballroom skirts, notably 3320 Marissa skirt, 3210 Anya skirts and the 3200 Ariana Ballroom dress feature a signature crinoline hem line. We offer soft boning in a 15mm (0.5") 76mm (3") and 154mm (6") width. All our soft boning is specifically dyed to match the DSI colours. In a twist to conventional dance fashion we offer 2114 pleated soft boning in a 76mm width is selected popular DSI colour. To lighten up the dance floor, why not use our gold and silver metallic rimmed 2115 Sparkle soft boning in black or white? To complete an animal inspired look, use our Cheetah, Zebra and Leopard soft boning. Polka dot printed crinoline will add a finishing touch to any Polka dot inspired design.
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Shaded Trimmings

Create a vision of feminity, elegance and harmony with DSI shaded fabrics. DSI London are true specialists in shading and offer not only shaded dance fabrics but even matching shaded dance trimmings. Our shaded fabric options take combinations of two of our divine DSI colours and blends them together in a gradient for exciting and inspiring shaded looks. The best known and most popular shading is the horizontal shading featuring a smooth colour graduation along the width of the base dance fabric. We offer more than 40 shading options as shaded georgette, shaded pearl chiffon, as known as shades on satin chiffon and shaded stretch satin. These shaded combinations are available to you across a variety of essential dance fabrics and coordinating dance trimmings. For example white black shading is available on georgette, pearl chiffon, stretch satin, smooth velvet, crepe, as half circles, as fringes and even as feathers! For additional choice shadings are also available as pastel shaded crepe, unrivalled colour vibrant shaded smooth velvet and sophisticated shaded DSI stretch. Exclusive to DSI is the circular or radius shading to ensure a smooth central colour graduation for half circles and pleated half circles. This type of shading is available on georgette, pearl chiffon and stretch satin. Wave shading is unique to DSI and adds another dimension to shaded fabrics. Featuring a wave resembling colour graduation along the full width of the fabric, our La Luxure shimmers opulently in a rainbow of hues. Using the latest cutting edge technology we are now able to perfect shading with fluorescent colours for our fabric and tactel fringes. Our dance industry exclusive shaded fringes are produced elasticated in 30cm with. Shaded coque feathers are available from stock to add drama to you design.  While we offer more than 40 shaded dance fabrics options from stock, we have the connection and technology to produce a colour shading of your choice at low minimums. Please contact us on info@dsi-London.com or on 020 8664 8188 for more information.  
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DSI Glue and DSI Jewel glue are adhesives specifically developed for rhinestone application. Tested, embraced and recommended by Preciosa, our DSI glue ensures your crystals do not fall off! The shape of our 60ml Jewel pen is designed for rhinestone application and is commonly used for crystal decoration throughout the Dance Industry We "fuel" our Jewel pen with a 250ml refill DSI Jewel glue bottle. We offer also DSI glue, available in 100ml and 250ml bottles and the more traditional used Bostik. For the dance industry set standard of applying rhinestones we recommend our bee wax
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In our service to provide all components required to produce a dance and performance dress, we offer haberdashery and dress accessories. We source 15mm and 50mm satin bias binding and invisible zips as close to our DSI colour standard as possible. Our tan and flesh elastic straps secure a safe wear for any dance dress. For the special design fetaure, we can produce buttons in any DSI colour on request. Problems finding a colour matching cotton? Phone 020 8664 8188 or contact us on info@dsi-london.com and we will do our best to assist you.
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