Petya & Anya Mott

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Meet Petya

At the age of 2, Petya started Ballroom dancing in Kazan, Russia.  From the first lesson he loved it and would stand watching the older children before and after his class.   When Petya was 4, he and his familly moved to Bournemouth where he joined the Nice and Easy family and has been training with Warren & Kristi, and their team of teachers, ever since. When he's not dancing, Petya is playing football or running in the forest.  He is bilingual in English and Russian and is also learning Spanish!  Before he started dancing, Petya learnt figure skating.
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Meet Anya

Anya’s first experience of dancing was watching Petya practice when she was only 6 months old. She would crawl around Nice and Easy during Petya’s lessons and by the time she was 3 she was ready to dance as well.   Anya not only learned to dance at Nice and Easy but she took her first steps as a baby on the dance floor!   With some great support from her teachers, Anya quickly grew to love dancing. During lockdown in 2020, she and Petya started dancing as a partnership taking daily online lessons and learning to dance together.   When she is not dancing, Anya loves skipping and cooking with her Mama.   She also loves playing with her toys!
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Dressed By the Best

"Petya is really excited to be a part of the DSI Elite Performer’s team and is looking forward to representing the company at competitions both here in the UK and overseas." "Anya is really proud to be on of our youngest DSI Elite Performer's and can’t wait to show her dancing to the world!"
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All About the Couple

Anya and Petya started dancing together during the 2020 lockdown. They have competed online and in live competitions and  both have had some amazing success, together and separately.  During August 2020, both Petya and Anya ran 100Km for “I can dance UK”.  They raised over £620 for the Charity which helps disadvantaged children learn to dance. Petya’s favourite dance is the Viennese Waltz and Anya's is the Jive as she loves the energy and rhythm needed to dance it.
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Their Results

1. 6th place in the Juvenile Ballroom, British National Championships 2022 2. Top 12 in the Juvenile Under 12 Ballroom, WDC AL Open World Championships 2022 3. Top 8 in the Juvenile Under 12 Ballroom, Dutch Open 2022 4. Top 7 in the Juvenile Ballroom, The Open Worlds 2022 5. Winners of the Juvenile Ballroom, London Ball 2022 6. 6th place in the Under 12 Ballroom, International Championships 2022 7. 6th place in the Juvenile Ballroom, Imperial Open 2022 8. 3rd place in the SL Masters Open Juvenile Ballroom, UK Open Championships 2022 9. 4th in the DNL UK Closed Juvenile Ballroom, UK Closed Championships 2022 10. Winners of the Juvenile Open TQ Ballroom, Surrey Titles 2022 11. Winners of the NL Juvenile WTFQ Ballroom, Surrey Titles 2022 12. 5th in the NL Juvenile Ballroom, Strictlyvibez Open Series 2022 13. 5th in the Juvenile Open Viennese Waltz, Strictlyvibez Open Series 2022 14. 3rd place in the SL Stars Juvenile Ballroom, Stars of the Future 2022 15. Top 13 in the Under 12 Juvenile Ballroom, Blackpool Open Dance Festival 2022 16. Top 15 in the Juvenile Viennese Waltz, Junior Dance Festival, 2022 17. Top 22 in the British Juvenile Ballroom Championships, Junior Dance Festival, 2022 18. Top 9 in the Juvenile Open 2 Dance Ballroom, South of England, 2022 19. Top 9 in thr NL Juvenile Open Ballroom Trophy, South of England, 2022 20. 5th place Juvenile Open WTFQ Ballroom, Britannia Open Titles, 2022 21. Under 12 Standard Champions, Swedish Open 2022 22. Juvenile B Standard Champions, Swedish Open 2022 23. Vice Champions in the NL Under 10 WQ Ballroom, The All England Championships, 2022 24. Double Champions under 10, Champions of Tomorrow 2021 25. Double Champions under 10, Stars of the Future 2021 26. Croatia International open 2020 online dance championship: Under 10 latin 5 dance -CHAMPIONS, Under 10 ballroom waltz  CHAMPIONS, Under 10 Tango CHAMPIONS 27.Blackpool Online Spring Festival of Dance, Febuary 2021, Under 12 Rumba, Samba – Champions, Juvenile Waltz, Tango 2nd place 28. Currently in 1st place in the DPA National League, under 10  
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