Lloyd Perry

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Meet Lloyd

Lloyd Perry, from Ystrad Mynach in Wales, has been dancing since he was 9 years old. His favourite dance is the Samba because "I really love the rhythms and music."
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Dressed By the Best

How do you feel about being a DSI London Elite Performer?   "I have been lucky enough to represent DSI since I first moved into junior in 2010, so over a decade! It makes me super proud to be one of the longest serving ambassadors, and to wear my Elite Performer badges."
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Lloyd's Results

1. Vice Champion in the Amatuer Latin, British National Championships, 2022 2. 8th in the World Amateur Latin, WDC AL Open World Championships, 2022 3. Top 12 in the Amateur Latin, International Championships 2022 4. 3rd place in the DNL UK Closed Amateur Latin, UK Closed Championships 2022 5. 4th place in the Amateur Latin, Blackpool Dance Festival 2022 6. Top 12 in the Amateur Latin, All England Latin Championships, 2022 7. Finalists in the WDCAL Amateur Latin Championships, WDCAL European Championships, 2022 8. SL Amateur Latin Champions, City of Bristol Championships, 2022 9. Top 18 in the Amateur Latin Championships, The UK Open Championships, 2022 10. 4th Place at the Amateur Latin Champ, British National Dance Championships 2021 11. Top 11 in the World Amateur Latin Dutch Open & WDC AL Open World Championships 2021 12. SL Stars Amateur CSRPJ Latin Champions, Stars of the Future 2021 13. 4th Place at the Amateur Latin Closed UK Championships 2021
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