Glenn-Richard Boyce & Cäroly Jänes

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Meet Glenn

Glenn has been working with DSI since the age of eight. "It’s been many years now and I can’t imagine it any other way,” he says. 
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Meet Cäroly

Cäroly started working with DSI when she first started dancing with Glenn in 2016.
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Dressed By the Best

How does it feel to be a DSI Elite Performer? "DSI is just the best company around. They are really professional but at the same time we feel part of a big family. They always make all our dreams and ideas possible. The quality is unbeatable and everything always looks the best. DSI clothes always feel comfortable and we love the fact that they always try to listen our ideas and work with our crazy minds. Over the years we have had so many compliments and this is all thanks to DSI!”
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All About the Couple

Glenn and Cäroly started dancing together in February 2016.  The pair say they are both perfectionists. “We both love to work hard to achieve our goals and just love dancing all day long.” They train at the Bournemouth dance studio Nice n Easy, which is run by Glenn’s parents the, reigning British National Ballroom Champions Warren and Kristi Boyce. Glenn and Cäroly dance for England, but they travel to Estonia regularly, where they both have family, and compete abroad nearly every weekend. “We have so many favourite competitions,” they say, “but we love dancing at every event as they are all different and special in their own ways.
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Blackpool 2021

Winning one prestigious Blackpool title is an incredible achievement, but achieving the feat of winning two is near unheard of. But that is exactly what DSI Elite performers Glenn Richard Boyce and Caroly Janes managed at the recent Blackpool Open British Championships, winning the Under 21 and Rising Stars Amateur Rising Championships in dominant style. Best of luck to you for the upcoming International Championships in the Royal Albert Hall, which will be live streamed on DSI TV as usual. This event will also be available as one day pay per view event, so check for more details.
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Their Results

1. 3rd place in the British National Amateur Ballroom, 2021 2. World Amateur Champions of Ten Dance in Poland, September 2021 3. Under 21 Ballroom British Champions, Blackpool British Open Championships, August 2021 4. Amature Rising Star Ballroom Champions, Blackpool British Open Championships, August 2021
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