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At DSI London, we're bursting with pride to showcase our dazzling involvement with some of the most spectacular stage productions in London's iconic West End – from the mesmerizing Moulin Rouge to the timeless classic 42nd Street, and the electrifying Dreamgirls to the enchanting Top Hat, just to name a few. Our exquisite dresses, as seen on Strictly Come Dancing, have captivated millions of viewers worldwide.

Each dress we create is meticulously handcrafted with unparalleled precision and passion in our South London studio, staying true to our name and our unwavering commitment to "made in London" excellence.

Experience the magic of DSI London and elevate your stage presence with our breathtaking creations. Whether you're stepping into the spotlight or simply admiring from the audience, let DSI London be your ultimate source of glamour and elegance.

Take a look below at some of the awe-inspiring projects we've had the privilege to be part of recently:

Mrs Doubtfire

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the creation of costumes for the West End sensation, Mrs. Doubtfire, now dazzling audiences at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Our team at DSI London had the privilege of producing and embellishing some of the most stunning and memorable costumes designed by Catherine Zuber.   Full the full story and more images click on the image above.
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Moulin Rouge

We are delighted to share our involvement in creating some of the stunning costumes for the West End production of Moulin Rouge! The Musical. It is an absolute honour to work alongside the amazing creative team behind the show and bring the vibrant and glamourous world to life on stage. Our talented team poured their hearts into hand-crafting each intricate detail on these sensational garments ensuring each performer looked absolutely spectacular. We couldn't be prouder of the final results; we can't wait for you all to see the show and see the costumes in action! Pictures by Mark Brenner and Matt Crockett
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Strictly Come Dancing 2023

We're immensely grateful to the BBC and costume designer Vicky Gill for allowing us to contribute to the incredible success of Strictly Come Dancing. Congratulations to Elli & Jowita and all the participants for their remarkable performances in this year's hotly contested final! Click on image for more.
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Red Carpet Dress

The "close collaboration": This year's Opera Ball gown sets new standards in the world of evening wear. In a unique collaboration between the renowned Austrian costume designer Stephanie Hofer, the esteemed English fashion house DSI London, and the creative vision of Silvia Schneider, an impressive masterpiece of couture art was created. This extraordinary dress has caught tremendous attention at this year's Opera Ball.   The centrepiece of this opulent design is a bodysuit completely adorned with golden Aurum Preciosa crystals, extending from the soles to the fingertips. Above this radiant foundation  sits a couture creation in deep black, accentuating the waist and emphasizing the wearer's elegance. With over 150 hours of meticulous handiwork, every element of this dress was carefully crafted by a high-calibre team.   Silvia Schneider, the creative force behind this unique ensemble, shares her thoughts on this masterpiece: "It's not easy to slip into this creation; the suit fits like a second skin,  revealing some but also concealing everything. The black dress caresses the figure while simultaneously accentuating it. It's the perfect blend of dedication and restraint, and I'm incredibly excited to ascend the grand staircase in it."   The convergence of Stephanie Hofer's talent, DSI London's expertise, and Silvia Schneider's design idea embodies true teamwork at its finest. Every single crystal, every millimetre  of the perfect gown was carefully selected to create a unique work of art.   The premiere of this exclusive masterpiece was undoubtedly a highlight of this year's Ball of Balls.
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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

We need to thank the BBC and costume designer Vicky Gill for the privilege to continue to contribute to the record breaking biggest show on earth Strictly Come Dancing has now become. We feel incredibly grateful to be part of such wonderful success story, touching and energising viewers all over the World. This year’s celebrities and professionals were absolutely amazing and who would have thought Hamza & Jowita emerging as eventual worthy winners in such hotly contested final! Congratulations and well done to all participants. Images: BBC/Guy Levy
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At DSI London, we're thrilled to be the creative & productive force behind the costumes for some of the most lavish cruise ship shows globally. From the grandeur of West End theatres to the elegance of modern cruise ships, our costumes take center stage, adding a touch of magic to every performance. Join us as we set sail on a journey of creativity and style!
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Pride in London

Embracing all diversities and aligning with our all-inclusive policy, we are thrilled to announce that a DSI London costume was featured in the recent Pride in London parade on June 29th. David Waddington, Creative Director for the World of Waddington, eloquently captured the essence of the event and his involvement: "Mister Sunshine, a performance and entertainment character, represented the World of Waddington at Pride in London on June 29th, 2024. Pride in London is the UK’s largest and most diverse Pride event, which provides a platform for LGBTQ+ people to express themselves creatively and celebrate their identity. Their events are open to people of all races, faiths, abilities, sexualities, and genders, including straight and cis allies. Mister Sunshine appeared alongside Arts Outburst, a combined arts organisation that is part of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio, and Kinetika, an internationally renowned company providing bespoke large-scale hand-painted silk flags for outdoor events. I was delighted to showcase Mister Sunshine at Pride in London, in the character’s costume produced by DSI London. Mister Sunshine represents colour, light, and positivity, aiming to inspire us all to fill the world with sunshine and encourage us to spread a little sunshine in our own lives and each other’s too. I have worked with DSI London for a number of years now, and with their spectacular track record in West End shows, television, and film, DSI is my number one choice for costume production. I trust them completely with my characters; they deliver, and I know the characters are being #dressedbythebest every time." David Waddington, Creative Director, World of Waddington Photo Credit: Pietro Recchia
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