Nathan Storey & Olivia Smorga

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Meet Nathan

Nathan Storey has been dancing since he was 7 years old. When Nathan is not dancing he enjoys playing on his XBox with his friends. 
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Meet Olivia

Olivia Smorga has been dancing since she was only 4 years old. When Olivia is not dancing, she loves to read and walk the family dog Bella.
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Dressed By the Best

How does it feel to be a DSI Elite Performer? "It is a privilege. The DSI team are so supportive and create lovely clothes, it is an honour to represent them. We love the freedom of being able to choose what we would like and the team are amazing at making our vision come true. We love all the staff, they make us laugh and feel like part of a big family."
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All About the Couple

Nathan and Olivia started dancing together in 2017. They formed an immediate bond and have grown to be the best of friends, "we can tell each other anything." Having grown up together and being so used to each others company, Nathan and Olivia are very comfortable with dancing with each other "it is like second nature." Together they are not scared to go out of their comfort zone and push themselves.  Nathan and Olivia became DSI Elite Performers in 2017 and describe it as "an honour to represent the company."  In their first year of dancing together, the dynamic duo achieved a host of brilliant results, including coming third in the Juvenile Ballroom and Latin at the Nationals in Blackpool, being placed first in the Under 11 National League for Ballroom and Latin, second in the Under 12 National League for Ballroom and Latin, coming second at Stars of the Future in Under 11 Ballroom and Latin and representing Team GB at Junior Blackpool Dance Festival.  You can see Nathan and Olivia feature in our catalogue in our boys and girls section.
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Their Results

1. 5th Place at the Junior Ballroom Championships, British National Dance Championships 2021 2. 3rd Place at the SL Stars Junior Open WTVFQ Ballroom, Stars of the Future 2021 3. 5th Place at the Junior Ballroom, Closed UK Championships 2021 4. Champions of Tomorrow Under 14 Ballroom Champions 5. Champions of Tomorrow Under 14 Latin Vice-Champions 6. 8th place in the Blackpool Junior I SJ Latin Online Festival of Dance Summer 2020, August 2020 7. 5th place in the Blackpool SL Junior Champ CSRPJ Latin The All England Open Championships 2020, February 2020 8. 2nd place in the Blackpool NL Under 14 GP CJ Latin The All England Open Championships 2020, February 2020 9. 2nd place in the Burghfield SL Junior CSRPJ Latin SSD Winter Dance Super League Trophy, February 2020 10. 1st place in the Burghfield NL Under 14 CRJ Latin SSD Winter Dance Super League Trophy  
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