Access DSI TV now

Subscribers have unlimited access to the complete library of videos for the full subscription period. That allows subscribers to access the data from anywhere and anytime. You can learn more about our four subscription options by clicking the above image.

Yearly Recurring Subscription

The yearly recurring subscription gives you access for the full year for £99.90 plus VAT. So for just 27 pence a day you can keep your access to the incredible library of competitions, lectures and shows. This subscription is recurring, which means it is self-renewable and ongoing unless cancelled.
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Monthly Recurring Subscription

Followed by a one off sign on fee of £20.83  + VAT, we will charge £9.99 + VAT per month, which equates to 33 pence per day allowing you continuous access to DSI TV. This subscription is ongoing and continuous, unless cancelled.
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One Month Access

If you don't want  to commit yourself to an ongoing subscription then the one month access is the right option for you. For £1.09 per day you will have full and unlimited access to DSI TV for exactly one month from your purchase.
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One Day Access

Only interested in the live stream of one specific event and not wishing to commit yourself in any other way? Then the one day access is the right option for you, with various prices depending on the event. Please take note, that you do not purchase the event as such, but the live stream of this event only. To re-watch the event on other days you must subscribe in one of the three other available options.
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