9393 Multicultur Folk Dance Guide Volume 1

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by Christy Lane & Susan Langhout

This guide gives you indispensable teaching tips for the following dances: Hora (Israel) Hukilau (Hawaii) Savila Se Bela Loza (Serbia) Virginia Reel (United States) d'hammerschmiedsgselln (Germany) Highlife (Ghana) Alunelul (Romania) Yanko (China) El Jarabe Tapatio (Mexico) For each dance, you'll learn the country or region of its origin, the traditional costume of the dancers, a brief history of the dance, the difficulty level, stance and formation, directions for performing the dance, modifications, trivia tidbits, and much more. Use this guide in combination with the companion video and music to learn about, experience, and appreciate the uniqueness of other cultures.

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