Gylfi Hrafnsson & Maria Hauksdottir

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Meet Gylfi

Gylfi Mar Hrafnsson was born on the 13th of Septemer 2002 in Reykjavik, Iceland. His parents are Hrafn Omar Gylfason and Thordis Orlygsdottir and he has one sister Sigrun. Gylfi started dancing when he was 6 years old when his childhood friend Emma asked him to join her dance class. He liked the dancing and stayed with it, as well as playing football. He danced with Emma for 6 years before he teamed up with Maria. He played football along with his dancing for several years before deciding to just do his dancing. Gylfi is dedicated to his dancing but he also enjoys spending time with his friends. This past winter he also took part in a musical in his shcool as a dancer which he enjoyed and gave him a different view of performing. Gylfi recently graduated from High school and his planning to go to University next year.   
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Meet Maria

María Tinna Hauksdóttir was born on the 36th of march 2002 in Mobile, Alabama USA where her father was studying at the time. Her parents are Haukur Ragnarsson and Esther Inga Nielsdottir from Iceland. About 5 months after she was born the family moved back to Iceland. Being born into a big dancing family with her grandparents Niels Einarsson and Rakel Gudmundsdottir, her parents are professional dancers and dance teachers in Iceland and her siblings Kristofer and Anita also dance, Maria started dancing at an early age of 3. She initially danced with her childhood friend Uni and danced with him for 8 years before dancing with Gylfi.  Maria is very dedicated to her dancing but she also enjoys travelling and spending time with friends. Recently she graduated from High school with honors and is planning on going to university next year. Maria was selected to be the Fjallkonan for the national holiday celebrations which is the image of the Icelandic woman and mother-earth in her hometown for the year 2021.
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Dressed By the Best

How does it feel to be a DSI Elite Performer? "Being a DSI Elite couple is an honour. We are extremely proud to be able to represent such a great dance company.  Everyone at DSI are always willing to do everything they can to help us feel and look the best we can, both on the competition floor and in training."
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All About the Couple

Gylfi and Maria teamed up as a dance couple on the 10th of June 2014. They were 11 and 12 years old at the time so you could say that they have grown up together. They have now danced for 7 years together and experienced many fantastic times. For the first four years they danced both ballroom and latin but for the last three years have dedicated their time to ballroom. During their times together they have experienced many highs in their career, such as making the semi final in U21 ballroom at the British open in Blackpool 2019 and making the cut into the Royal Albert hall in Amateur ballroom 2019, at only 17 years old! They have also been the dance couple of the year 2019 in Iceland and were elected the sportsman and sportswoman of the year 2020 in their multi-sport club HK. Gylfi and Maria are also great roll models for younger dancers in Iceland.  During their travels for their dancing they have met and got to know a lot of great people in the dancing world which is so important to them. In the year 2018 Gylfi and Maria became a DSI Elite couple. They are extremely proud to be able to represent such a great dancing company. The people at DSI are always willing to do everything they can to help Gylfi and Maria feel and look the best they can both on the competition floor and in training.   
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Their Results

1. Amateur Ballroom Champions, Amazing Vienna 2021 - Winter Edition 2021 2. Youth Ballroom Champions, Amazing Vienna 2021 - Winter Edition 2021 3. Amateur WTVFQ Standard Champions, UMSK 2021 4. 2nd Place at the Under 21 Ballroom, London Ball 2021 5. 1st place in the Amateur WTVFQ Standard Icelandic Standard Championships, May 2021 6. 1st place in the DSI Open Standard Icelandic Championships, March 20211 7. 1st place in the Amateur WTVFQ Standard Icelandic Latin Championships, February 2021 8. 2nd place in the Amateur WTVFQ Standard RIG 2021 Iceland, February 2021 9. 1st place in the Youth WTVFQ Standard UMSK 2020 Iceland, October 2020 10. 1st place in the Blackpool Under 21 WFTQ Ballroom Online Festival of Dance Summer 2020, August 2020 11. 1st place in the Under 21 Standard Swedish Open, February 2020
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Their Lockdown Story

At this moment in time, we are allowed to train and can get into the studio so our training is going well. However, in October and November, we were not allowed to come into the studio so the training moved to home. Now the situation is not too bad in Iceland, we have been able to participate in some competitions already this year.   We have used this time well to work on our dancing, working with some of our teachers through Zoom, combined with continuing our schoolwork. We have not been able to travel at all as the rules here in Iceland have been very strict so we must say that technology has been a great apparatus for keeping us inspired and motivated. As there was less travel required for practise and competitions, Gylfi has a role within a musical for his school as a dancer, so he has had time to experience that as well. Our connection with our teachers and motivation for training has been crucial in a time like this to keep our spirits lifted. It was also great to receive new training outfits from DSI London which gives a great new feeling to our training.   We were very honoured to be named sportsman and sportswoman of the year for our club (which is a club combined with many sports, such as dancing, football, volleyball and many more.)   We cannot wait to get back to ‘normal’ and for our dancing world to become whole again!   Gylfi and Maria
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