Gunnar Gunnarsson

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Meet Gunnar

Gunnar started dancing when he was five, encouraged by his mother. None of his siblings danced. “I was the spoiled one,” he laughs. “At the beginning, I was quite reluctant but when I realised it was something I could do, I started to really like it and began to do competitions. I really enjoyed that.” When he was around 20, he moved from Iceland to progress with his career. “I moved to Sweden, then I went to Germany after that, I lived two years there, two years in Denmark. But dancing is quite big in Iceland,” he explains, “especially for the kids, so it was a really nice foundation.” Gunnar has worked with DSI since April 2016 and he has started a trend on the dance floor for the “Gunnar waistcoat”.
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Dressed By the Best

How does it feel to be a DSI Elite Performer? "I love the fact DSI is very detailed in everything they do and that they listen to your ideas but also have their own input.” 
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Gunnar's Results

1. Professional World Champion 2021 2. 4th Place at the London Ball Professional Latin, 2021 3. Closed UK Championships Professional Champion, 2021 4. 1st place in the Professional Latin Milano Grand Ball 2020 Italy, Jan 2020 5. Top 10 in the Professional Latin UK Open 2020 England, Jan 2020 6. 2nd place in the Professional Latin The Universal 2020 England, Jan 2020 7. 3rd place Professional Latin Star Ball 2020 England, Jan 2020
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