Gudjon Oskarsson & Eva Olafsdottir

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Meet Gudjon

Gudjon Oskarsson has been dancing since he was 5 years old. He began to train at the HK Dance Club in Iceland which is run by Eva's family. When he is not busy dancing, Gudjon likes to play his guitar and spend time with friends playing video games.
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Meet Eva

Eva Olafsdottir started dancing when she was only 2 years old. She started dancing at her family's dance studio HK Dance Club in Iceland. When Eva is not dancing, she loves to sing and has been learning how to sing since the age of 4 with one of the best singers in Iceland. She also loves to spend quality time with family and friends.
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Dressed By the Best

How does it feel to be a DSI Elite Performer? "We are both very proud and honoured to wear the gold and burgunday DSI badge on the dancefloor and to be part of the prestigious DSI Elite Team. We love working with DSI, the outfits are always beautifully made from the best fabrics. They are also very comfortable to wear, both for practice and competitions." 
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All About the Couple

Gudjon and Eva started their partnership back in May 2018 and have since then have achieved brilliant results in both national and international competitions.  Gudjon and Eva are very close friends, they live in the same neighbourhood and go to the same school. They are both very focused and determind dancers and love to work hard and achieve their goals.  In August 2019, they became DSI Elite Performers. They state: "We are both very proud and honoured to wear the gold and burgunday DSI badge on the dancefloor and to be part of the prestigious DSI Elite Team." 
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Their Results

1. Junior I Latin 5D Champions, Nordic Open 2021 2.Junior I SCRPJ Latin Champions, UMSK 2021 3. Icelandic Champions in Ballroom and Latin in U12 & U14 4. Nordic Champions in Ballroom and Latin U12 5. Open World Championships finalists in Ballroom and Latin in U12 6. International Championships semi-finalists in Latin in U12 7. Dutch Open semi-finalists in Latin in U12 8. Stars of the Future Champions in Ballroom and Latin in U12 9. Gateway Super League Event Champions in Ballroom and Latin in U14
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Their Lockdown Story

When the first lockdown started in March 2020 we were attending school for 1 hour a day.  After school, we met at Eva’s home as we had re-purposed our basement and turned it into a little dance hall. As we are in the same grade in the same school, we were allowed to meet up.   We continued with a lot of help from our teachers Adam and Karen Reeve, where we took private lessons via Zoom as well as 2-3 times a week had group lessons with the HK Club kids. It kept us on our toes whilst continuing our dancing.   During the summer, we continued dancing when studios were allowed to reopen again. We also took some summer holidays when we could.  As it was not possible to travel abroad, we experienced a new kind of a domestic holiday which we greatly enjoyed!   We participated in the Blackpool Online Festival with the first one in August and were so happy to be able to compete, although online. The adrenaline and the magic of the Blackpool dance festival came through the web!   Our first domestic dance competition on the dancefloor was only 2 days away when everything went back into lockdown here again. The competition was allowed, but without any audience in attendance. It was still so much fun to be able to dance on the floor with other couples.  However, along came the lockdown again, with the social bans. Now, we have had the advantage of knowing the virus better and the schools managed to remain open, while mostly all athletic activities and sports were banned. So again, we were back in Eva’s basement for practice and Adam, Karen, and Barbara McColl taught us via Zoom almost every day and made it all much easier to cope.   Now we have the sun rising again and we can see the dust settling. We are now allowed social meetings and sports venues and competition have started with the limit of no audience; therefore, all of our comps are streamed live on the internet to those who wish to support us.   Gudjon and Eva
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