Strictly: Musicals Week

5th December 2019

Last week on Strictly saw another audience favourite with Musicals Week – a song-and-dance spectacular that included Craig looking particularly fab-u-lous and the first perfect score of the series achieved by Karim and Amy.

With 39 in total, Anton and Emma weren’t far behind – and Emma scored another perfect 10, in the eyes of the audience, for her stunning red dress.

“Emma looks lovely in red,” admits costume designer Vicky Gill. “We may not have granted it so soon after Blackpool if her concept of Thoroughly Modern Millie hadn’t required it, but it was a treat all the same.

“A chevron section of red beading worked through the bodice to the hip line, followed by a longer 45cm section as low as possible onto the knicker. Matt Flamenco fringe offered a contrast and reduced the weight in the skirt to help Emma cope with the amount of movement required for the Charleston’s intricate choreography.”

As for that all-important sparkle, Vicky explains: “Light Siam stones are the best match for DSI’s Flamenco red and a heavy border of them frames the dress in mixed sizes, then a lighter version works its way through the garment, making sure there is the maximum amount of sparkle through the movement!”

For a closer look at the dazzling dancewear as seen on Strictly, check out DSI London’s Behind the Seams tours, which are booking until June 2020.

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