Red Carpet Couture Dresses

17th February 2023

DSI’s record-breaking glittering gown will walk the red carpet at Vienna’s Opera Ball.
It was an absolute privilege for all of us at DSI London to create a record-breaking couture ballgown for Austrian TV star and costume designer Silvia Schneider to wear to the world-famous Opera Ball­ in Vienna.  
With the application of almost 70,000 rhinestones, this gorgeously glittering creation has broken all of our previous records. A total of 162 hours of work went into the making of this masterpiece and 67,644 rhinestones were painstakingly applied by hand. 
Best of all, Silvia, who designed the dress herself, is thrilled with the results. “My design is inspired by the German actress Marlene Dietrich, pioneering and embodying the opulence, glitz and glamour of the 1920s,” she says. 
“It was created through an imaginative combination of luxuriously cut glass and stage light. Hundreds of twisted individually-attached rhinestone-encrusted chains break up any linear shapes for a light and transparent look and ensure that the reflection under the spotlights will be magical: a truly sparkling masterpiece of a dress worthy of the momentous occasion of the Opera Ball in Vienna.”
The illustrious Opera Ball, which is always attended by global business leaders, politicians and celebrities, returns to the State Opera House in Vienna on 16th February for the first time since 2019, after a long break because of the pandemic. 
“Special thanks to costume designer Stephanie Hofer,” adds Silvia, “who, in close co-operation with DSI London, has managed to turn my vision into reality with endless hours of commitment!” 

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