Friendship through Dance

22nd May 2020

We at DSI TV feel a deep responsibility to service and support our wonderful world of dance, especially in times of crisis such as the one we’re in now.

As such, we identify opportunities and support any initiative that will lift your spirits and foster togetherness for our community. For this reason, we’re delighted to serve as a platform for the unique “Friendship through Dance” concept created by the Competitor’s Commission, whose statement runs as follows: Dear Dance World,

Over the last few months, we have had our world turned upside down. It is sad and unfortunate, of course, that competitions have been cancelled and postponed but perhaps the most detrimental effect has been the difficulty of staying in touch with each other. However, just because we cannot visit each other in person, it does not mean that we cannot find other ways to communicate. Right now, the dance world needs something to bring joy, excitement and competitive spirit. Due to that need, we have created an event that brings dancers from around the world together: the Dancers’ FIFA Tournament.

From 17th May, 64 dancers have competed in an online FIFA tournament. This gives the participants an opportunity to stay connected with each other from the comfort of their own home. Not only have old friends connected through this event, but new friendships have already been made. Some might think that this is a mere games console tournament. However, it is incredible to see how dancers from different countries, different federations and generations have managed to connect through the medium of FIFA.

Chairman of The Competitors Commission, Domen Krapez, has kindly offered the commission’s full support with the following message: “The Competitors Commission supports ‘Friendship through Dance’ and collaboration between all the associations and different groups. The FIFA Dancers’ Tournament is a great way to connect us in these difficult times when we can’t travel. What is more, it also brings dancers together through participating in a friendly game. We hope that this little initiative can create a friendship bond and contribute to future collaborations!”

It is not too late to support your favourite player! Stay tuned on DSI TV to follow live ‘Press Conferences’ and streams of important matches.

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