Dancing with the Stars Ireland 2023

8th May 2023

We at DSI London love to be involved in Strictly Come Dancing and the European equivalent Dancing with the Stars. It is a great joy and privilege to provide costumes for the greatest show on earth. 
We are particularly proud to assist Dancing with the Stars in Ireland now for the 6th year running, a spectacular success every year.
It is a great pleasure to deal with the whole production team and we are very grateful to have received wonderful images to share with you.
“DSI have been providing costumes for Dancing With The Stars Ireland for 6 series.  Without a doubt they are the finest quality Dance and Show dresses available in the Dance World.
Working with the team at DSI is always fantastic and we work closely with them on design and delivery in pre production and during live shows.  
During any TV production it's important to be flexible and proactive with changing schedules and content and DSI always deliver!” 
Darren Bennett - Creative Director

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