Brand NEW filming service!

1st September 2019

DSI TV is offering a Commission filming service at competitions where we are filming. The dates for the competitions where we’re offering this service will be advertised in advance.

THE NEXT EVENT TO USE THIS SERVICE IS THE LONDON BALL - Click here to register your interest and order form. Just sign in or register on DSI TV.

Our brand new service means we can offer dancers the chance to be individually recorded in action on the dance floor and to receive the full edited version from us after the event.

The prices for pre-booked filming start from £25 (excl VAT) and will be charged per dance, so, for a five-dance final, for example, it would be £125 (excl VAT).

Couples will have the option to pre-book the filming via a registration form, which will be available from us soon.

Please note: spaces are limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

As there will usually be one camera filming the commissioned dances, we cannot guarantee that your pre-booked dance will be recorded. However, of course, if your dance is not filmed, you will not be charged.  

DSI TV can now also offer a video extraction service, so if you didn’t pre-book, but would like to have a video made, then we can look through all of the footage to see what we have and create a special video just for you.

The cost of this service would vary owing to the hours involved. We can even look back through DSI TV’s recording history – so if you’d like a video of the UK Open 2013, for example, we could tailor-make one from that footage. There would be a research fee for this, with the price charged on top.

As part of our new individualised service, we can provide social media-specific footage at an extra charge. Videos will be sent via WeTransfer. Other forms of delivery, such as USB sticks of custom-made DVDs, will incur extra charges. Please contact for further details. 

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