Behind the Seams with the Mayor

27th November 2019

At DSI London, we were delighted to welcome the Worshipful The Mayor of Croydon, Cllr Humayun Kabir to a recent Behind the Seams tour on Saturday, 23rd October. It was an honour to explain our origin in his district, why the location was chosen for “historical” reasons and how we developed from a core Ballroom company, of which origin we are so proud, to where we are now. 

We also explained our connection with Strictly Come Dancing and why the experienced skillset of our employees is the true asset of our company, as well as where the daily challenges come from and how we wish to develop. The Mayor showed a keen interest in the company and its hard-working employees, mixing and communicating excellently with other guests on our Behind the Seams tour. 

The Mayor also explained the various ambitious charity projects he is involved in and we, at DSI London, have promised to contribute to his efforts in providing some dance and performance costumes, including dresses as seen on Strictly Come dancing, for free for selected charity events. May we commend the Mayor on his charity work and wish him all the best.