A message from Vicky Gill

15th May 2020

Costume Designer for TV/Theatre/Music Industry.

I’ve worked with some fantastically talented people from Kylie Minogue to Sarah Brightman. Too many to mention really, and whoever would have thought that Ed Balls would end up joining the list!

When I was approached to help Will get this project off the ground, I had no hesitation in saying yes. A simple timely, fun idea. I have such admiration for Will, his determination is incredible. A humble kind young man and a great role model. The saying “where there’s a Will there’s a way” has never been more appropriate.

GOSH is very close to my heart. I receive lots of letters from children aspiring to be involved in design. Some are very poorly, so I try to help in any way I can to bring smiles and laughter into the lives of these brave children and their families.

I was introduced to Will through my work on Strictly Come Dancing. Prior to each SCD series, when things are still relatively calm, I meet with each of the celebrities independently to find out a little bit more about them before the whirlwind that is Strictly really takes hold. I’m there to give them a little insight into the journey ahead while prepping as much as we can for all things wardrobe.

On this occasion my meeting with Will happened to be located very close to GOSH. It was a hot day sometime in early July and as I was looking out of the window, I could see brave little faces waving back at us from inside the hospital. It was all very apt.

As a mum of three I found it very hard to control my emotion and not turn into an emotional wreck while chatting to Will about his journey. On one side I was waving at children in hospital still wearing wide smiles and on the other I had Will, an inspiration to all those wonderful kids and their families.

Strangely my thoughts were taken to my earlier years, where in the past I used to teach kids dance. During this time, I taught Melissa a wonderful girl who reminded me very much of Will, as they shared a very similar condition. Melissa must have had treatment similar to Will’s, although we never spoke about this in any detail as she was happier for it not to be discussed, but after all these years I felt I understood her even more. Like Will, she was a little superstar, a little fighter and achieved so much more than you could ever believe.

Meeting with Will for the first time was very emotional for me as these memories flooded back. Simultaneously I felt happy, sad and exhausted. I could sense Will’s intrinsic determination and one thing I was certain of was that he was going to be a great addition to the cast of SCD 2019.

Bottom line is “I am in”! I wholeheartedly support Will in his efforts to raise funds for GOSH. During lockdown my kitchen has served as a sample room and my whole family have helped to create designs, discuss samples, act as models, you name it. This has all been done over the past couple weeks at breakneck speed, with help from my husband organising artwork and DSI London poised ready to provide manufacturing and distribution from their South London premises. A total team effort.

I wish Will and GOSH all the best in their efforts to raise awareness and funds for a fantastic cause. Rainbow masks are the way forward!